and for my next trick

I’ve gone from sheep, to fleece, to fiber, to spindle, and now I’ve got yarn!

Vermont yarn

The purple fiber is from an unknown sheep who happens to live next to Amy. I spun each single on my Golding ring-spindle, and then transferred them onto bobbins.


From there I plied them back onto the same spindle. The purple bled a bit in the bath when I was setting the twist. The fiber didn’t fade, and it didn’t stain the white – so no hard feels there.

I have 110 yards of wonderful marled (marled is the technical term for barber pole yarn) yarn that ranges around both sides of worsted weight. I think it wants to become a hat. I’m thinking something fairly plain, with ribbing, like Sakura, or (all the rest of these are ravelry links*) Odessa, or Whipped Lolly. Or maybe some other simple texture like Belle Star or Quincy. Have you knit any of these? Or can you recommend something else? I’m excited to see this wool/fiber/yarn all the way through to a finished object!

*Am I the only one confused be designs that don’t have off-ravelry pages? For my designs I’ve made my ravelry pages accessible to everyone with or without an account. But I also have my introductory post pages for each one. Sometimes I have trouble tracking down off-ravelry pages for things I want to link…


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