Back in 2008 the Yarn Harlot issued a challenge: could knitters everywhere try and get heads of state to hold a sock?

“Perhaps its because I think that politics sometimes does more harm that good in the world,or perhaps it is that the image of a person out to promote their own purposes being asked to momentarily have to serve ours – frankly, just charming. Perhaps it is simply the juxtaposition of a candidate for Head of State holding a sock is just so wholesome, that I am amused to no end. Perhaps it is simply that there is a part of me that really enjoys seeing powerful people befuddled and confused by a handknit….”


Note that this is not a new photo. At the time of the last election I didn’t get near any candidates. But I did happen to find myself flying economy one row in front of my state congressman, Bernie Sanders. So I asked him to hold my sock (I mean, I was on a plane, of course I happened to be knitting socks)

He was very gracious and seemed fairly comfortable holding a half knit sock. I don’t know if he, or anyone in his family, knits. But we do live in Vermont where it gets quite cold, so we have a lot of knitters…

Tomorrow is primary day in Vermont and I’ll be going down to the town hall to vote for Bernie. But I’m also going to keep Stephanie’s point in mind and make a donation to charity. Because politics can get ugly, but if we all think about how to serve others I think we can counteract that. I hope that’s something we can all agree is worthwhile.


9 responses to “Bernie!

  1. Socks also make good Town Meeting Day knitting!

  2. You’re right – quite comfortable, perhaps one might even say he has the look of someone at knit night who is proudly showing off their first sock-in-progress. And, I’m sure he’d hold one again today if you happened to run into him. I cast my vote for him this morning in Waitsfield! #feelthebern

  3. This is great! He already had my vote, but if I’d been at all undecided this would have clinched it! My state’s primary isn’t until May, though, so I feel kind of irrelevant…

  4. I followed the link you sent to the Yarn Harlot… what a lovely picture. This really made me smile.

  5. Got here via the Yarn Harlot’s twitter feed – what a great picture! And I love anybody who plays the long game! Thanks for giving us a smile. (And btw, MSNBC just called my state, Nebraska, for Bernie in the caucuses tonight! Squeee!)

  6. You’ve been retweeted! How great! Love the new pattern, too, Becky.

  7. glad you got to meet him, I have a feeling he really believes in what he says, not so much with all the others…

  8. He was flying economy. <3

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